Phentermine Diet Pill Dosage

Phentermine dosage varies from person to person. The usual Phentermine dosage requires the patient to take Phentermine once or twice daily on an empty stomach. A Phentermine dosage is supposed to be taken before meals with a glass of water. You should never crush or chew any Phentermine diet pill tablet or capsule, they should always be swallowed. A Phentermine dosage should not be taken late in the day as it known to cause insomnia. A medical practitioner is the best person to decide the Phentermine dosage required for an individual to attain successful weight loss.

If you do not understand any part of how you should go ahead with your Phentermine dosage you need to clear your doubts by speaking to your doctor or pharmacist. Never decide for yourself what your Phentermine dosage needs to be. You should speak to your medical practitioner if the Phentermine dosage you are following is not proving to be effective. Phentermine can become habit forming and cause serious side effects if it is taken more than the prescribed Phentermine dosage.

If you happen to miss a Phentermine dose you should take it as soon as you remember it. But if the time for the next Phentermine dose is near you should skip the present Phentermine dose and carry on with the normal Phentermine dosage that has been prescribed. Never double dose. When you order Phentermine from you will be asked to fill a online medical consultation questionnaire. This is a mandatory questionnaire that aims to ascertain your medical details. Our reputed FDA doctors will review this and prescribe a Phentermine dosage suited for you. You need to follow this Phentermine dosage even if it differs from the general Phentermine dosage we have provided on this page.