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Have you been worried about waking up in the morning and then finding many strands of hair on your pillow? Do you see more hairs tangled in your comb when you brush your hair? Then you are suffering from a very common disease nowadays which is being experienced by most men and women. Buy Propecia online cheap since it has been the only pill to prevent hair loss which has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Propecia contains an active component Finasteride in 1 mg only intended for treating hair loss.

Buy Propecia online cheap because it has been proven to block the conversion of testosterone from dihydrotestosterone hormone or DHT which has been known as the main factor in receding hairlines. The DHT prevents the hair follicles from receiving nutrients from the body which is necessary for the growth of hair. Dihydrotestosterone hormone secretes wax like substance which covers the follicles of the hair. Buy Propecia online cheap to protect your hair from falling and thus preventing the recurrence of the problem. Who would want a balding head? So make the right decision to buy Propecia online cheap.

Propecia has been approved for the usage of the male only. This was not recommended to be used by women for treating their hair loss problems since it was identified that it can do damage. Especially for a pregnant woman, to get near the product would put you at risk of damaging your fetus. It may affect the organ of the unborn baby and eventually cause abnormalities to the newborn. Apparently, women also who are planning to get pregnant must also stay away from the product. The product can be absorbed by the skin when it has been crushed or broken. Due to this, never allow the woman including children to handle the medication. If in case the woman may come in contact with the product consult your doctor immediately.

Side effects of taking the Propecia may vary from person to person. Nonetheless, precautions must be observed when you decide on using the product for treatment. But the side effects are uncommon. This may include allergic reactions such as bulging of the face and lip, mild itching and other skin complaints. Problem with ejaculation will sometimes occur. Tenderness or enlargement of the breast is included in the rare side effects. There is also pain in the area of the testicles. Less serious side effects are runny nose, headache, swell in your hands and feet and the feeling of passing out.

Note also to inform your doctor if you are taking other medications because this can cause interactions. Keep in mind to never share your medication to your friends if they are suffering from the same problem of hair loss but advised them to see their doctors first. Use only the medication as what has been indicated in the prescription. You can take the medicine without concern for meals. Usually, it is prescribed to take one tablet every day.