Buy Brand Levitra (Bayer) in UK

All the three FDA-approved treatments for erectile dysfunction, including Levitra, appeared around the same time, because that was when the scientists discovered the effects of the fifth enzyme called phosphodiesterase in the body. The discovery focused on the effects this enzyme had on the blood in specific tissues of the body, including the penis. Due to the effects discovered, Levitra, as well as other drugs of the same kind, can treat erectile problems efficiently by increasing the blood flow into the penile tissues while also preventing the blood accumulated from escaping back into the body. Levitra price, as well as possibility to order Levitra from UK in the amount required all make this medicine popular among males with erectile dysfunction. Levitra demonstrated 80% efficiency in patients with erectile dysfunction, as long as the right dose is prescribed.

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Side effects

Every patient may react to Brand Levitra dose in different ways, but it usually causes no adverse reactions. Some side effects are still possible, however, such as runny nose, redness of the face, headache, stuffy nose, dizziness, back pain or upset stomach. Some more serious side effects of Levitra that need to be discussed with a qualified healthcare professional as soon as possible include chest pain, sudden vision loss, seizure, irregular heartbeat, ringing in your ears, shortness of breath, vision changes and swelling in the hands or ankles, although they are very unlikely.